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Thursday, 3 November 2022

Hard Candy


 2022 Charity Shop Purchases #67 - Counting Crows - Hard Candy

Counting Crows were a band that I never really got possibly because I considered them to be more rock than Americana.

I've had their 1993 debut August and Everything for years and was quite surprised to see that I have never featured it here before.

Hard Candy, their fourth studio album from 2002 on Geffen, was purchased for 50p primarily because  one of the charity shops in Blairgowrie was about to close and the lady let us in for a quick browse and I felt obliged to purchase something.

The album starts off pretty promisingly with the first three tracks being quite good. It then morphs into what I would describe as pleasant and inoffensive blandness prior to a  fairly decent cover of The Byrds'  - You Ain't Going Nowhere as a bonus track at the end. The less said about their version of Big Yellow Taxi the better.

I was sorely tempted to include Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes to Hollywood) but it is pretty poor and from the lyrics I'm not entirely sure that it is actually about the great man himself.

My pal Pete recently went to see them at Glasgow Academy and said that they put on a good show..

Given the good start and the  possibility that it could become a grower it is not being jettisoned just yet.

Counting Crows - Hard Candy

Counting Crows -Good Time


  1. "My pal Pete recently went to see them "
    The Debbie Gibson fan.

  2. They're a band of two halves. Half their tunes are excellent. 49% of the remaining 50% are average to dull. And then there's the Big Yellow Taxi cover, which I hope I never hear again.