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Wednesday, 30 November 2022



2022 Charity Shop Purchases #78 - R.E.M. = Accelarate

It is relatively easy to pick up R.E.M. albums from Out of Time onwards  cheaply in charity shops and I have been doing that very thing over the last two or three years.

Of the 15 studio albums there were only two missing from the shelves - the second last one Accelerate (March 2008. Warner Brothers) and the final one Collapse Into Now (March 2011, Warner Brothers.

I've seen Accelerate in the wild numerous times but was always under the impression that I had it. Here is where the spreadsheet came in handy as on my last visit to Newton Stewart it confirmed that I actually didn't and it was therefore duly purchased..

When it comes to all things R.E.M. I generally find it best to refer to The Robster and in particular to his Albums of R.E.M ranked post. He rates it higher that you might expect at number 7 out of 15 giving it a score of 7.9/10.

He writes I love R.E.M. most when they rock out. ... 'Accelerate' was a record they needed to make to reassure fans they still had it in them. It’s also short and to-the-point.(34 minutes 39 seconds) Interestingly it also scores 79 out of 100 on Metacritic

He is right it totally rocks and is much better than I thought it would be and has me wishing that I should have picked it up much earlier.

I'm in no particular hurry to get Collapse Into Nothing but if I see it cheap I will pick it up for the sake of completeness if nothing else.

R.E.M. - Living Well is the Best Revenge

R.E.M. -Supernatural Superserious


  1. There are no REM albums here, burns or purchases. But this sounds like a decent album!

  2. Somewhere between 'New Adventures in Hi-Fi' and 'Up', REM went from being a band I unashamedly adored to one that, comparatively, I barely acknowledged. 'Accelerate', as with the other later albums, didn't really make much of an impact on my ears at the time, but I enjoyed listening to today's selections.

  3. I got this one mixed up with Up when I saw the cover. I love Up. Don't remember much about this one other than the two tracks you posted. Should probably revisit it.