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Friday, 25 November 2022

Ten Years of This


Charity Chic Music is 10 years old today. A decade of drivel.

I totally missed the 9th anniversary so I've had this one in the diary pretty much since then.

What can I say? For the most part it has been a hugely positive experience. Over 3400 posts and (allegedly) over 1.3 million views/hits. But far, far more important than that nearly 15000 comments (14000 from George!)

In the main those that have commented are part of our little community in a small dusty corner of the internet where we share a love for similar  and mostly non mainstream music. A place to escape Ed Sheerin, Adele and all the bland nonsense out there.

And then there are the laughs and the nonsense, the discovery of new musical heroes and the rediscovery of some old ones. Recommendations from friends and even the occasional download or a CD received through the post from someone whose tastes you trust.

I have been fortunate enough to have met up with a dozen or so of the fellow bloggers on my sidebar either at gigs or in pubs or at the Glasgow and Edinburgh bloggers conventions. To a man and woman they have been a joy to be with and all now seem like old friends. Hopefully I will have the pleasure of meeting them again, and maybe others for the first time, in the future.

Where were we? Ah yes music. Here are 10 songs. Not a Top 10 (that's Rol's department) but 10 songs with ten in the title to commemorate this anniversary. Hopefully you will all find at least one that you like.

Stay tuned for more drivel.

Gary Stewart - Ten Years of This

The Vapors - News at Ten

Henry & Fleetwood - Powers of Ten

Bullnose Jackson - Big Ten Inch

Michael Head & the Red Elastic Band - The Ten

XTC -Ten Feet Tall

The Robins -Ten Days in Jail

Son Volt - Ten Second News

UB40 - 1 in 10

Jim White -10 Miles to Go on a 9 Mile Road


  1. Many congratulations, but are you sure about the 1.3 million posts? That's over 300 a day. Do you perhaps mean views?

    PS Thanks for all your excellent work over the last decade

    1. Ten years in and I still have the uncanny ability to make basic mistakes.Sorted now

  2. It's all good CC despite some ba'heid trying to spoil things with their inane comments. Is it 1.3 million views? It is entirely possible that some of today's tracks will feature on volume 200. (you are a significant contributor to the other 199)

  3. Congratulations CC, massive achievement. You're right about bloggers and meeting them in real life, they always turn out to be good people. And I like at least 5 of the 10 in your list of songs.

  4. 5 out of 10.I'll settle for that!

  5. Ah, always happy to see The Vapors and XTC get an airing. Happy "birthday"!

  6. An inspiration. Well done. Keep up the work.

  7. Very many congrats mate. A notable landmark for sure.

  8. Congratulations and happy anniversary, CC, what an achievement! I wasn't here for Day/Post #1 but I've been inspired and delighted by the stories and songs ever since. Here's to (at least) another decade of drivel!

  9. As I have learned from you, 50 more years and this blog gets its bus pass. Congratulations, my friend. Always enjoy stopping by.

  10. Happy blog anniversary, CC and lovely words. I say this every time, I know, but I still don't know how you do it! Very glad you do, though.

  11. The Edinburgh Blog-Con was, by some margin, the highlight of my year. Getting to know everyone, including Mrs CC and your good self, was a real joy. I hope we came repeat the experience very soon. Congratulations on the first ten years of CCM - long may you run.

  12. Happy 10 Blogiversary - amazing how one man's drivel is another man's recommendation and discovery. This music thing is the gift that keeps on giving and there's always something new to enthuse about (even if writing it down does sometimes feel like shouting in the darkness)

  13. 10 years of drivel couldn't be further from the truth. You've created a great little community here and fully deserve all the accolades going. If all the racehorses I back had the same stamina as you I'd be a rich man several times over. Many congratulations on your first decade. I do have one reservation though - the complete absence of anything by Jethro Tull in your weekly posts. It's the one thing stopping you being inducted into the pantheon of music blog Gods

  14. A belated happy birthday. I must buy you a drink to celebrate. Drop me a line so we can try and hook up either between Xmas and New Year or in early January. The Laurieston or the Ally Arms would be my suggestions.....or maybe one on Viccy Road if it's on your bus route!