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Sunday, 27 November 2022

Albums on both CD and Vinyl - The Singular Adventures of the Style Council


I wouldn't say that I have ever been a huge fan of The Jam, The Style Council or Paul Weller's solo work. Nevertheless I have acquired at least a couple albums of all three iterations mostly via charity shops.
In the case of The Style Council I have Home and Abroad on Vinyl and Cafe Bleu on CD as well as this one on both formats.
I  wasn't entirely sure as to the provenance of either version. I have just had a look at the vinyl copy and it seems that it came from Eastwood District Libraries who periodically sold off some of their stock. It has seen better days with a wee bit of wear and tear which was not uncommon for library vinyl and needed a good clean.
I think the CD copy came from my brother and sister -in -law when I inherited their CDs after they went digital.The CD contains 16 tracks , 2 more than rthe vinyl

I have only featured the band on a couple of occasions before with five of the songs on the album making an appearance (i.e all the better ones!). Here are another three. although I was pretty sure that Have You Ever Had it Blue had featured before. Apparently not. Maybe I baulked at the 12 inch version.

This series has dragged on a bit but is slowly petering out. It will be gone by Christmas


  1. Love early TSC- Speak Like A Child is fantastic. Have You Ever is a belter too.

  2. Long Hot Summer brings back so many memories for me; I only have to hear the opening bars and I go into a reverie

    1. Me too. Called the 'reminiscence bump' apparently.

  3. Not your thing obviously but very much mine. What a gorgeously 'Style-ish' album cover too. Thanks for this one.

  4. I listen to more Style Council (and the tail end of the Jam that sounds a lot like early Style Council) than I do the Jam at what is commonly considered their peak. Get out your rotten vegetables. I'm ready to be pelted.

  5. Loved The Jam, and while I was heartbroken when they broke up (40 years ago!!!!!!), the fact TSC came along quickly with some brilliant early songs made things easier.

    For a number of reasons, I have never taken to Weller's solo material. I've just two singles and no albums in the collection, whereas I've everything that his two bands ever released.