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Monday 14 November 2022

Pigeon Post


The other day George commented that their rescue pigeon Walter was nodding along to This Flight Tonight on my recent post on the death of Dan McCafferty. I think that Dan would approve.

This got me looking to see if I had any pigeon songs out there and it turns out that I do.

I have two versions of Clay Pigeons, one by John Prine and the other by Blaze Foley. Mr Prine has appeared here several times before so I'm going for Mr Foley. He is making his debut on these pages albeit Lucinda William's tribute to him Drunken Angel has had an airing.

Pigeons by Bill Callahan is as bonkers as any other Bill Callahan song and is taken from his Gold Record album.

Everything But the Girl are complaining about Pigeons in the Attic Room which is better than bats I suppose.

Finally we have the band Lieutenant Pigeon with a song that surely need no introduction.

Which ones will Walter be nodding along to?

Blaze Foley - Clay Pigeons

Bill Callahan - Pigeons

Everything But The Girl - Pigeons in the Attic Room

Lieutenant Pigeon - Mouldy Old Dough


  1. Looking forward to these, CC. Looking at the picture of Walter, it does look as if he is imprisoned more securely than those poor people arriving in small boats in the south of England. His coop is currently under construction, I will keep you updated

  2. Nothing by Woodpigeon or The Pigeon Detectives?

    I would content that Stool Pigeon is the best song with Pigeon in the title, but it's not actually about our feathered friends.

    So I offer Passenger Pigeons by the Handsome Family instead.

    1. Stool Pigeon was not on the hard drive for some strange reason.

  3. Still makes me laugh - Walter Pigeon.

    As for Mouldy Old Dough, hard pressed to call it a song really as I think there are only three words of lyric but a real blast from the past. Those two pianos facing each other, mother and son I think.

  4. Strangely, Mouldy Old Dough has a place in my heart. There's something plangent about it which a musicologist no doubt could explain. I loved the Bill Callahan and EBTG tracks too. Funnily enough me and my mother-in-law were only talking about the ugliness and ubiquity of pigeons earlier today. I'll be sure to let her know about your post!