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Friday, 11 November 2022

American Thighs


2022 Charity Shop Purchases #70 -Veruca Salt - American Thighs

Well I'm sure that post title succeeded in grabbing your attention. It is the name of the 1994 debut album by Chicago grunge band Veruca Salt on the Minty Fresh label

The band consisted of singer and guitarist Nina GordonLouise Post also on vocals and guitar, Steve Lack on bass and Jim Shapiro on drums.

The name was vaguely familiar to me but I wasn't familiar with their music .The album was critically well received in particular the single Seether becoming  a hit on college and alternative radio and subsequently on MTV.

AllMusic gave the album 4 out of 5 describing it as a pure pop album masquerading as the next big thing

Nina Gordon left the band in 1998 but they continued with various personnel until  2012. Then after a brief break  the band reformed with the members listed above and are still going strong.

I'm beginning to wonder if my familiarity with the name Veruca Salt is more to do with the stuck up child who meets a rather messy end in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Veruca Salt - All Hail Me

Veruca Salt - Seether


  1. Great album. Not sure how much you paid for it, but whatever it was it was a bargain!

  2. Seether is one of the all-time classics! Great find.

  3. A great find. Seether is a classic and the whole album is a belter.

  4. Brings back fond memories. Nina Gordon did some interesting solo work too.

  5. Seether is a stone cold classic track and spawned or was spawned by (is this grammatically correct?) bands like Elastica, Echobelly, Sleeper, Belly - any timeline junkies will probably dispute the chronology of this but this is what it seemed to me at the time - but then I was busy being 40 and had the excuse of being an old fuddy duddy.

  6. Remember being bowled over by footage of their performance at Glastonbury (1995 I think?) - a very hot day, you could almost feel the steam through the TV screen, and a superb rendition of Seether. Such a good song.