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Thursday 9 February 2017

The Ubiquitous Louis Abbott

Sometimes it feels as though Glasgow can be a bit of a village.
This year at Celtic Connections we saw Louis Abbott of Admiral  Fallow fame in action not once but twice. Firstly he played drums and sang with Rachel Sermanni and a week later there he was again this time playing guitar and singing with Heidi Talbot.
A few months back we saw him playing drums and singing with Kris Drever.
It is only right then that we feature him with his band Admiral Fallow with a couple of tracks from their 2010 debut Boots Met My Face voted the best album of 2010 by The Pop Cop.
There have only been a further two albums since probably because he is too busy performing with other people.
A man's got to make a living I suppose.

Admiral Fallow -Dead Against Smoking

Admiral Fallow - Subbuteo


  1. Hi CC,
    I'm leaving this here because I don't know whether you'd get it on an older post. It was interesting to hear those two 13th Floor Elevators' songs. As someone else mentioned, (Rol?) I've also only heard "You're Gonna Miss Me." Do you know when they were released?

    Also, I think you dropped in in time, but if you missed the Dylan cover, I'd be happy to re-upload it for you. Just let me know.

    1. Easter Everywhere the album they came from was originally released in 1969 Marie
      I got the Dylan cover thanks - a new one on me

    2. Marie - that should read 1967 - which makes more sense!