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Saturday 11 February 2017

It's All Over Now Baby Blue

They think it's  all over ............ well it is now.
A valiant attempt by The Long Ryders with their version of Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues but it was a closer than I expected victory for Bob giving us a final score of Bob 10 Cover Artists 6.

A quick name check for the artists who got one over on the great man - The Byrds, Townes Van Zandt, Emmylou Harris, Mojave 3, Tom Robinson Band and Bryan Ferry

Here is one I thought about including and may have done so had the series continued. Bob's prototype rap song and an upbeat version by the Walkmen.
It won't count for anything but I would be interested to hear your views.
I've really enjoyed the interactive element to this series with many of you giving your opinions and sometimes even surprising yourselves with your choices.

I may do it again sometime perhaps with the songs of Neil Young, David Bowie, Townes Van Zandt or even Bruce Springsteen!

Bob Dylan - Subterranean Homesick Blues

The Walkmen - Subterranean Homesick Blues


  1. Congrats to Bob. He has never won anything as prestigious. Ha! I was a huge fan of the Walkman in the band's early days, and Hamilton's vocals we're always uncannily Dylanesque. As for today's song, well, it's impossible to cut up. A classic in every sense of the word.

  2. Got to be be Bob. That's one that in my head is always Bob and when listening to the Walkmen all I could hear was the original

  3. Great series, and I hope you do the others you mentioned. Even Springsteen. By the way, today's vote would go for Dylan.

    1. No prizes for guessing which way you would be voting there!

    2. I would be interested in the Springsteen vs cover series, as well as the others. I suspect that Bruce probably does his songs better than the cover, on the whole.

  4. Would be interested in a Bowie covers series even though no cover would ever beat the originals.


  5. Definitely Bob for me on this one, as Drew says too - I can't hear it any other way. Somehow it seems a bit pointless for anyone to cover it, it's incomparable.
    Another similar series would be great fun, I hope you do; it's been an education! As someone who is no fan of Springsteen (in the same way I'd say I was no fan of Dylan) I'm still sure there would be originals I'd favour over covers - I do like surprises!

  6. Yes this has been a great series and a bit of an education for me - Would be keen to see a Bowie or Bruce series as you just never know....

  7. Got to be Bob.
    Springsteen I can live without (I think we've had this discussion before)

  8. Noticed I didn't vote. Bob all the way.

  9. I'm tipping my hat to Bob too, CC - hope you continue this series with another artist.

  10. Thought I knew The Walkmen version, but on listening it turns out I don't. It's a very enjoyable effort, though unsurprisingly it's a Bobby win from me.
    Great series CC - looking forward to whoever you pick next.

  11. Yeah, congrats on a successful series. Ironically, today's entry is the most decisive victory yet for his Bobness, in my humble opinion.