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Saturday 4 February 2017

Dylan Covered - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

A fairly comfortable victory for Bob last week over a well received Thea Gilmore  with I Dreamed I Saw Saint Augustine.
It looks as though we are now reaching the home straight given that the scores are now Bob 9 Cover Artists 6.
Whereas I agree with Swiss Adam that John Wesley Harding is a fantastic album I  couldn't let this series conclude without featuring something from my favourite Dylan album Highway 61 Revisited.
A bit of a poisoned chalice but The Long Ryders have bravely stepped up to the plate with their version of Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues. An admiral stab ( © The Swede) by singer Stephen McCarthy (as opposed to Sid Griffin as I originally posted) but let's face it you cannot improve upon perfection.
I doubt any cover of any of the tracks would come remotely close.

In the unlikely event of a Long Ryders victory we shall reconvene next week. Failing that thank you all for your participation. It has been a blast.

Bob Dylan - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues

The Long Ryders - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues


  1. Sid certainly did the business on the Long Ryders' fearsome interpretation of 'Masters of War', but I believe that it's Mr Stephen McCarthy handling the vocals for them on this occasion.
    I was lucky enough to see Dylan at Madison Square Gardens soon after 9/11 and the audience's emotional reaction when he delivered the last line of 'Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues' was unlike I've ever felt before or since.
    Bob wins, but I hope you'll still share the tiebreaker with us next week.

  2. I stand corrected and will amend to give Mr McCarthy a nod

  3. The Long Ryders' version is pretty good. But it's Dylan who gets my vote

  4. It's Bob again for me this week too. Listened to more Bob of late with this series than I have in years - have even warmed to his very unique vocals which I didn't think I would do at the start. A successful series I think so well done!

  5. Drew and I may be alone in this I guess but Long Ryders for me too as it rarely seems to be Bob!
    But a really enjoyable series, thanks - which actually got me to listen and consider the originals rather than just dismiss them on the grounds that I always thought I preferred covers. And I did even award Bob a point or two in the process so surprised myself!

  6. This is a close one. I could go either way. Umm, going with Bob by a thumbnail. Swede's story about going to MSG was touching too.

  7. Long Ryders's for me as well

  8. I like the Handsome Family version, but that wasn't the question.

    So I'll give this one to Bob.