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Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Shot of Rhythm and Soul

The best find of our brief visit to Fort William was found in the small vinyl section of the British Heart Foundation.
I had a look more in hope than expectation and there at the front of  one of the piles was the above album taking pride of place among the James Lasts, the Pipe Bands and the Top of the Pops.
I nearly spontaneously combusted with excitement.
In excellent condition and a steal for only four quid.
It is on the Ace label and I think it may well be the first from that label that I have on vinyl.
Sixteen majestic tracks.
Here are both sides of his second single from the Dot label in 1961 and the London (UK) label in 1962.

Arthur Alexander remains the only artist to have been covered on studio albums by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.


Arthur Alexander - You Better Move On

Arthur Alexander - A Shot of Rhythm and Blues


  1. Arthur Alexander was loved by most of the Sixties Liverpool groups and a book about AA has a forward by Paul McCartney. George Jones and Johnny Paycheck recorded 'You better move on' and Gene Vincent sang 'Where have you been(all my life)' I'm off to play his music now, thanks!

  2. What a great find - proof that there are still some gems waiting for you to liberate them from those piles of Top of The Pops albums.

  3. Filled with envy this morning.

  4. A very nice find, CC! I do love me some Arthur Alexander. Another two favourites (which are probably on your LP and also covered by the Beatles) are "Soldier of Love" (see Beatles at the BBC) and "Anna (Go To Him.)