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Saturday, 18 February 2017


I very nearly bought New Adventures in Hi-Fi by R.E.M. in my local charity shop the other day but I wasn't sure if I had it or not. Turns out I  don't so I'll pick it up next time I'm in if it's still there.
This got me checking and confirmed what I thought. I actually own more post Out of Time/Automatic For The People  R.E.M. albums than pre ones. I suspect that  this is because they are more readily available in charity shops.
The only pre ones I own are Reckoning and the 1991 Best Of from the IRS years.
This is clearly wrong as it is an established fact that their early stuff is much better that their later offerings. Here is some proof.

For all things R.E.M. can I point you in the direction of The Robster

R.E.M. -Radio Free Europe

R.E.M. - I Believe


  1. Gotta get Murmur today. Don't wait for it to show up at your charity shop. You'll be waiting a good long time for that one, I suspect.

  2. I'm really looking forward to The Robster's series.

  3. All of them up to Automatic are necessary CC.

  4. Yes, you need them. However, I must offer some defence for their later output too. I particularly like Monster, Up and New Adventures In Hi Fi...although they all took a while to grow on me.

  5. I'm one of those strange folk who thinks New Adventures is the most consistent and therefore best REM album of the lot..

  6. 'New Adventures In Hi Fi' is a great album. Their last truly great one.