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Monday, 20 February 2017

A Mass Romantic Car Journey

In the comments section from Burnt Offerings 6 Brian suggested that I give the title track from Mass Romantic the 2000 debut album by The New Pornographers (not a band to google at work!) a listen to in the car.
A band featuring among others Neko Case and the afore- mentioned A.C. Newman listed here as Carl.
The following day  I had  the perfect opportunity given that major road works on the M74 resulted in my normal 45 minute commute taking more than an hour and a half.
Brian is quite correct , it is an excellent piece of power pop.
Not an album  I have listened too in a while and  one I found it a bit patchy in places. I had forgotten how brilliant Letter From an Occupant is . A song which has featured on many a compilation from me.
I have resisted the temptation of posting The Fake Headlines and dedicating it to President Chump.

The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic

The New Pornographers - Letters From An Occupant


  1. I agree with your assessment on the album as well as your choices for top songs. The next couple of albums were stronger. I think I'll take my own advice and listen to these two songs in the car today. Have a good week.

  2. I think I've only ever heard one song by the New Pornographers - a few years ago on a comp a friend put together for me - and I can't even remember what it was without going to dig it out (but I liked it!) It wasn't either of these two - but I really enjoyed Mass Romantic just now. Just what I needed today. Thanks.

  3. Track one today is bloody brilliant, it's not a surprise that the rest of the album seems to be not as good. Track one is often played far too loudly in the music room here...........

  4. Letter From An Occupant is simply an 'out there' classic and therefore, given how things are tumbling these days, sadly unknown by millions - cue philosphical and political debate! Breakin' The Law is OK but I thought the rest of album rather shrill. The same criticism applies to follow up album Electric Version. Twin Cinema and Challengers however are big improvements and more than worth a listen.