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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Pat Buchanan ................... no not THAT One

Not That One

This one

I hope that first picture did not put you  off your breakfast.
Today we are featuring Pat Buchanan.
No not the American paleoconservative politician and political commentator. We have enough of them already.
Rather we are featuring Pat Buchanan a Tennessee based session guitarist who has worked with countless artists including Cameo, Hall and Oats , the Dixie Chicks and Cindi Lauper
He fronted an excellent powerpop band called the Idle Jets who I saw playing at King Tuts and who have  featured here before
He has also recorded a few albums in his own right including the eponymous Pat Buchanan on Indiscreet Recordings from 2002.
I picked it up for buttons in Fort William and it is rather good.
Hope you agree.


  1. Not a name I'm familiar with, but both these tunes are indeed rather good. His voice reminds me of someone, though for the life of me I can't pinpoint who I'm thinking of.

  2. Two good tunes, on album that set you back a pound (less?). Bargain. (I bought a cd yesterday for 1p)

  3. You had me at Hall & Oates (and you won't get many comments like that). Both excellent, and yes, his voice reminds me of someone else too. Definitely a name I'll be investigating further.

  4. Swede - competition time
    George - £1.99. Hope you've not paid over the odds for your 1p purchase
    Rol - yup worth pursuing.Atomic Fireball by the Idle Jets is a splendid piece of power pop

    1. I have that somewhere... it came from a blog. Possibly yours.

  5. Yes it is rather good and it sounds a bit Squeeze-y to me.

    When you say he worked with Cameo that would be the big red pant-wearing Larry Blackmon Cameo? That's a strange mix.

    1. Indeed - when I saw him with the Idle Jets they did a version of Word Up. Highly amusing and thankfully no cod pieces in sight

  6. I'm a bit late to this one due to Storm Doris causing a major power cut here yesterday, unfortunately the candles wouldn't power up my PC...
    Anyway - just wanted to add that I enjoyed this very much and I agree with Alyson, I can hear a similarity to Squeeze/Glenn Tilbrook.