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Thursday 2 February 2017

Mull Historical Society

I blame Brexit myself and Trump.
My local C.H.A.S. charity shop has raised the prices of their CDs by a whopping inflation busting 2.04%
No longer 49 pence but an increase to 50 pence - outrageous.
Therefore it was with much trepidation and a degree of swithering that I picked up Mull Historical Society's 2001 debut album Loss particularly given that I have previous forked out similar sums for the CD singles Watching Xanadu  and Animal Cannabus from the album
I would describe it as Mika meets power pop.
Whereas I quite enjoy the first song posted I can imagine that it may get quite wearing after a few listens.
I was sure I had another one of theirs but couldn't find it leading to a misfile panic. Turns out it is under main man  Colin MacInytre's own name so was not misfiled after all.

Mull Historical Society - Public Service Announcer

Mull Historical Society - This Is Not Who We Were


  1. I've had three hours sleep, so I'm a bit on edge. That first track is not helping my fragile mood. It somehow puts me in mind of one of those trying-to-be-clever Randy Newman songs. The second track is an improvement on the first.

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  3. Talking about price increases - wait until we try to buy an avocado (or other Mexican produce) in the next while! The sooner they impeach him for incompetence, corruption, you name it, the better for the entire world. Grrrr!

    You? Misfile something?

    @ George: What shenanigans were you up to last night?

    1. P.S. Would it be very cheeky of me to ask for a link in your blogroll?

  4. Courgettes £2.99 a pound and CD's 50p each - what's the world coming to?

  5. I would say take to the streets like everyone else, but it is for charity. I can hear the chants: "50p is not for me!"

  6. I love Mull Historical Society, and the Mika comparison was like a kick in the unmentionables.

    (That said, I did like Grace Kelly.)