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Wednesday 8 February 2017

Burnt Offerings 5

One of the objectives of this series is to feature artists who have not previously appeared on these pages before. This can lead to having to select three from only four of five which can prove challenging. indeed this may prove impossible further down the line.
No such problems today however.
We start with Magnolia Summer an Americana band from St Louis who are led by Chris Grabeau and a song from their second album from 2006 From Driveways' Lost View. Not a band I know much about I'm afraid.

Magnolia Summer -Once In A While

They are followed by Juliette and the Licks a side project of actress Juliette Lewis where she attempts to become a rock chick.On this the title song from their first full length  album from 2005 she pretty much succeeds.They were on the go off and on from 2003 to 2009 with a brief reappearance in 2015.

Juliette & the Licks - You're Speaking My Language

Country/folk singer Eliza Gilkyson is easily the most established of the three acts featuring today. She is the only one I have seen live and I am a wee bit surprised that she hasn't appeared previously.She has well over 20 albums to her name with this track appearing on her 2005 album Paradise Hotel.
Today's trivia fact - her father Terry wrote The Bare Necessities song which features in The Jungle Book

Eliza Gilkyson - Borderline

The 6th volume of assorted nonsense next week.


  1. I'm not familiar with the music of any of these artists, but Eliza Gilkyson's tune is the pick of this week's bunch for me.

  2. I have a couple of Juliette & The Kicks albums and, while I do 't listen to them a lot, whenever I do I find them fun. She's a crazy lady.

    The other two are new to me, but welcome.