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Friday 24 February 2017


Another excellent find in a Fort William charity shop from another artist who has only briefly crossed my radar before and this time round it only cost me a pound.
I have posted a track by American singer songwriter Pete Yorn before.It was as part of  a Saturday series where I picked songs from random compilations and in the case of Mr Yorn it was from Songs from Dawson's Creek - Volume 2 here
I don't think I had heard of him before then or indeed anything up until now.
It turns out that the song I posted Just Another is  track 3 on his 2001 debut musicforthemorningafter which was the one I picked up.
And like Pat Buchanan it is not bad at all.Further exploration required.

Pete Yorn - Strange Condition

Pete Yorn - Lose You


  1. Forgot all about Pete Yorn. He was definitely the Next Big Thing for about a year or so, what with his solid debut and the REM connection and everything. These are great songs -- I wonder why he fell off the map? Or did he?

  2. Life on a Chain was a pretty big song on this side of the Atlantic in 2001, and Rolling Stone was touting Yorn and this album in a big way during that period. Things got very quiet after that.

  3. I had life on a chain on a magazine cd and liked it but never went any further