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Monday 27 February 2017

Get Carter 2

My previous post under the Get Carter title referred to Jim Bob and Fruitbat better known collectively as Carter USM or Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine.
This time round the featured Carter is Carter Wood a Nashville singer songwriter who I saw tour with Kevin Montgomery.
The only music of hers that I can find referenced is the excellent 2004 album Unspoken on the Shoogah Records label although my copy appears to be a self released version from 2002..
It would be a shame if this is the only  thing that she has recorded as it is very good and a lot better than  much of the dross which is out there.

Carter Wood - Pretty Girls Drink For Free

Carter Wood - Strange Love


  1. I thought the first track was quite bland, nondescript, but that second one is a belter.

    1. Being a bland and nondescript kind of a guy I prefer the first one!