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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Some New Music

Like many bloggers I  probably stand accused of living in the past given that most of the stuff I post is at least a couple of years old.
I tend to avoid posting newer stuff as I feel I should give people the opportunity to purchase the music and to support the artist.
I sometimes wait until their next record is out before I feature some of my newer acquisitions.
However, I feel that if an artist and record company are promoting an album by providing a song on a music magazine CD it is ok to post it here.
So here is Hurray for the Riff Raff with her excellent new song Hungry Ghost from the ATO album The Navigator which features as part of  this month's Uncut

Hurray for the Riff Raff - Hungry Ghost

Holly Macve is a new Irish singer whose voice puts me in mind of Paula Frazer and that is no bad thing. Almost inevitably it was The Swede who first brought her to my attention.
Her debut album Golden Eagle is released of Bella Union on March the 3rd. Mine is on pre-order and I can hardly wait

It wasn't the Swede but rather Murray from the ever excellent Everything Flows who first alerted me to an exciting young Glasgow band  Static Union
If the rest of their stuff turns out to be half as good as their debut single Turn Out the Lights then they surely have a great future ahead of them.
Terrific stuff


  1. Loved the Holly Macvey track - almost country. A distinct yodelling influence, which is ALWAYS welcome.

  2. I will be purchasing this Holly Macve album as well. She absolutely must be familiar with Tarnation and Paula Frazer. all in all, three very good tracks today, well done. now, when's the new series of Springsteen vs. The Covers?

    1. Need to do my research and see how many I have. Can only think of two or three off hand

  3. Love the slight yodel too and will investigate further. Also very impressed by Static Union!


  4. Holly Macve has got it going on.

    Did someone mention Springsteen covers?

  5. Wow - Static Union - brilliant. Made me think of the Strypes meet the Godfathers, sort of - anyway, all good! Thanks for that, I'll def be listening out for more from them.

  6. I had to laugh - If you live in the past with your choices what the heck do I do bearing in mind I seem to post an awful lot from the '60s!

    I have listened to the above however and like Holly very much - she has a very distinctive and pleasing voice/style. Ahead of awards season this year however I did make myself familiar with a lot of the new artists who ended up winning Grammys/Brits - Don't like all of them but there are a few gems out there if I had the time to investigate further. If I ever get to pension age (they keep moving the goal posts) that will be my aim!

  7. Three for three, my man. Opening the wallet again.

  8. 3/3 for me too. I have the last Hurrah For The Riff Raffle album so I'll keep an ear out for the new one. Holly shows promise too, but Static Union are definitely going on the list.