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Monday 30 November 2015

Stranraer Americana -Uncle Tupelo

Mrs CC and I have often commented as to how good it would be if I stumbled upon a charity shop where someone had just handed in a slab of Americana.
Well it finally happened a couple of weeks ago when we walked into the Marie Curie shop in the South West Scottish town of Stranraer.
Some kind soul had handed in a dozen or so Americana CDs. I knew I had a few of them but left with 8 which I knew I didn't have or thought I didn't have. Turned out I didn't have any of them. Even better they were only 75p per pop.
I was as happy as a seagull with a stolen chip.
We start with the band and album which started a movement No Depression the first studio album from Uncle Tupelo from 1990 on the Rockware Records label.
I couldn't believe I didn't have it but suspect it may be because I have a good few of the songs on 89/93: An Anthology.
A first outing for Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar as well as Mike Heidorn on drums.
Terrific stuff

Uncle Tupelo - No Depression

Uncle Tupelo - Whiskey Bottle


  1. What were the other seven? Come one!!

  2. In November 2001 I was at the Bowery Ballroom in New York to catch a Kingsbury Manx and New Pornographers concert and happened to be wearing the Uncle Tupelo t-shirt I'd bought when I saw the band at The Borderline in 1993. A fellow audience member complimented me on the shirt, then followed me round for a while and proceeded to offer me serious money to sell it to him then and there! Suffice to say I still have the shirt.
    Good find. This could be any interesting little series.

  3. So many great memories of No Depression. Uncle Tupelo was based out of a town not too far from where I grew up, and they were the "it boys" in my area around 1990.