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Saturday 14 November 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip


This week's Lucky Dip is Uncut's June 2007 compilation The New Frontier- Americana The Next Generation purchased in a charity shop in the New Frontier town of Airdrie, North Lanarkshire.
Drew may be familiar with the picture
I resisted the temptation to include Oakley Hall's If I Was in El Dorado despite Eldorado being one of the many tonic wines of choice for the Airdrie denizens.

Rather I have gone for two artists I have long admired but don't have any albums from.
Conor Oberst better known as Bright Eyes has been around for a while .As far as I know he is still with us despite some articles on t'interweb to the contrary. Indeed Mike Batt even wrote a song about him which was sung by Art Garfunkel  -allegedly.
I also have a bit of a soft spot for The Felice Brothers although  I suspect that Simone Felice who has now gone solo is a bit up himself.

More random nonsense next Saturday.

Bright Eyes - Lua

The Felice Brothers - Mercy


  1. Ah the Pavillion that brings back memories, I could greet,

    Lua is a song that transports me back to a particularly memorable night long before Conor Oberst had even written the song.

  2. I tried out some LD myself last year. Vile as ever but now sugary like Buckfast. Yuck.

    Jamie the wine correspondent