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Friday 6 November 2015

SOD It, It's Friday

As it's Friday I have a couple of sing-a-long shouty numbers for you courtesy of Spear of Destiny fronted by Kirk Brandon a one time love interest of Boy George. I was going to say allegedly but he lost the court case.

Taken from One Eyed Jacks their second album recorded in 1984. Whilst looking this out I discovered I also have the 1985 follow up World Service something that I was totally oblivious to until now. Must give it a listen sometime.

Apparently this is punk-influenced power pop with an anthemic feel.
The second song in particular has found its way onto many a mix tape.
Enjoy and sing along loudly!

Spear of Destiny - Rainmaker

Spear of Destiny - Liberator


  1. Liberator a favourite at Scooter Club dances. Dancefloor got extremely dangerous with all the slamming and on more than one occasion into a full scale fight!,

  2. Shouty and singalong indeed. Dead good band who I've shamefully neglected for a while. Must rectify that.

  3. Liberator- jeez, takes me back.

  4. Hmmm...So being a Spear Of Destiny fan isn't something I have to keep quiet in these parts...good to know! I have to say I have worried in recent years that Nigel Farage and his lot might take Stranger In Our Town to their cause...