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Tuesday 10 November 2015

The King Will Build a Disco

It's time for this week's slice of obscure Americana that no-one will listen to courtesy of The Broken Family Band and their 2002 debut mini LP The King Will Build a Disco on the Snowstorm label.
Martin Green from Lau and Inge Thomson who plays with Karine Polwart both feature on the first track.

From Cambridge, England as opposed to Cambridge, Massachusetts they recorded about half a dozen records on labels such as Cooking Vinyl and  one of our favourite German labels Glitterhouse prior to splitting in 2009

I'll get my coat.

The Broken Family Band - Queen of the Sea

The Broken Family Band - Behind the Church


  1. I saw them a couple of times at the Cambridge Folk Festival, including one year when they memorably closed the whole shebang on Sunday night in the tiny Club Tent. They were the perfect band for the occasion. Very few of us were still able to stand by that point, but for that hour or so every one of us loved The Broken Family Band.

  2. I quite like them, You Get Me being a particular favourite. I've not been getting a lot of download/listening action recently, contemplating cancelling the box subscription

    1. and yesterday's Etta James track found it's way over here, Drew.

  3. Don't get your coat. OK they're not major players but they've got plenty of listenable tracks. I've got 4 of their albums including Balls and Cold Water Songs, both of which have several good tracks. All I Want From You from Balls is a splendid track. I could go on but, as a parting shot, please give Song Against Robots a listen - it's really rather gorgeous. X Factor - f*ck off Pardon my french.

  4. I loved this band and was very sad when they split up a few years back.

  5. A lot of love out there for the BFB