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Sunday 15 November 2015

Some Sunday Soul

I was swithering whether to feature Solomon Burke or Joe Tex this week so it is only right that I give you one of each.
First up is the self proclaimed King of Soul with a Swamp Dogg song Sidewalks, Fences and Walls.
The big man is then followed by the wee man Joe Tex with Hold On to What You Got from the magnificent Kent album Skinny Legs and All -The Classic Early Dial Sides.

Initially it didn't register in my brain when these two names popped up that they had both been part of The Soul Clan which is a rather pleasant coincidence.

More soul next Sunday

Solomon Burke - Sidewalks, Fences and Walls

Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got


  1. You're too good to us. Quite a duo today. Miss the mighty Solomon very much.

  2. Swithering! Great word. Gonna use that today.

  3. Getting back in blog mode and thankful for these. Cheers! What music was made for.