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Saturday 28 November 2015

Saturday Lucky Dip

Last week The Roots of Hendrix, this week Tom Wait's Jukebox
Last week, Mojo, this week Uncut.
I'm not really a fan of Tom Waits but there is one more of his albums on the shelves than Jimi  in Big Time a live album from 1998 a Mrs CC purchase.
I'm not really that enamored with the compilation either to be honest but I've come up with a couple.

I saw William Elliott Whitmore support Ray Wylie Hubbard and have a few of his albums burned as a couple of lads from my local are fans. I've never seen Old Blue Eyes.
Is it ok to feature Howlin' Wolf two Saturday's in succession? You're damn right it is!

More random nonsense next Saturday

William Elliott Whitmore - Not Feeling Any Pain

Frank Sinatra - One For My Baby (And One For the Road)

Howlin' Wolf - I Asked for Water (She Gave me Gasoline)


  1. this is the second day in a row you are blaming the long-suffering Mrs CC for placing a crap album on your shelves. Shame on you. Although I do agree with your comment on Tom Waits - NONE of his albums either on mine OR Jo's shelves (which are banned from the music room - they contain a U2 album).

  2. Our shelves are shared so there will be the occasional dud - in fairness not always belonging to Mrs CC - Sad Cafe anyone?

  3. There is also a U2 album -NOT mine!

  4. Occasional??Occasional? I bet there's some Springsteen there..........

  5. Tom Waits is much loved here at Swede Towers - the guy can do no wrong in my opinion.

  6. CC, been a while. Flying home tomorrow but saw this on my phone and had to chime in. Waits is the rare cat that cut his teeth in the '70s but actually got better in the '80s. Go out and get Swordfishtrombones and Rain Dogs ASAP. You won't regret it.

  7. Love Tom Waits, Hendrix and Springsteen. Sad Cafe I have no opinion on, U2 on the other hand, it is a close one who I despise more Bonzo and the other three or Daesh.

    1. I think I could possibly be persuaded to take military action against U2!