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Thursday 5 November 2015

Right Said Fred

I think I'll describe Fred Eaglesmith's music as Alt Country as Americana would be is misnomer given that he is Canadian and Canadiana is just plain silly.
Born Frederick John Elgersma in Caistor Centre, Ontario in 1957 he has been producing records since 1980.
These two songs are taken from his 2002 album Falling Stars and Broken Hearts the 11th of his 20 albums to date.
Despite the fact that it has been the warmest start to November in living memory Cumberland County gives us a salutory warning as to what's just around the corner.
Got to go now as there is a man at the door who wants to buy my truck

Fred Eaglesmith - Cumberland County

Fred Eaglesmith - I Wanna Buy Your Truck


  1. Hey at least two of the seven folk who viewed this google plussed it!

  2. I would Google plus it if I could. I ike this Canadana, should be the start of a series - our favourite Canadian musicians. I believe Rick James was canadian, I could bung you a couple of tunes

    1. A few names spring to mind like The Great Lake Swimmers.Perhaps surprisingly Rick James was not the first name to pop into my head