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Friday 13 November 2015

Zut Alors

Up until the other day when I popped into my local Charity Shop I was blissfully unaware that The Zutons had recorded a third album. Turns out they have and I am now the proud owner of You Can Do Anything their third and presumably final album from 2008.
Along with fellow Liverpool band The Coral they produced some fine guitar based jingly jangly pop music in the early 00's and unlike many a band they quit before they got too stale.

Nothing startling on You Can Do Anything but these two are pretty tasty.

The Zutons - Bumbag

The Zutons - Freak


  1. I really liked their early singles and first album, but went off them come the second album. This album did nothing at all for me. Funny how nobody remembers that they wrote and first recorded Valerie. That song became bigger than the Zutons ever were.

  2. Like the Coral, a band I found through my love for Ian Broudie. He produced the early material for both of them. Didn't go beyond the first two albums, but this doesn't sound bad at all, CC. Robster, you made me listen to Valerie this morning too.