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Monday 9 November 2015

Stories of Johnny

A few weeks ago JC featured The Days of Pearly Spencer by Marc Almond here
This led to a debate in the comments section as to the merits of many of his great solo sings.
At the time I put a shout out for Stories of Johnny and have only now got round to putting my typing fingers  where my mouth is
Twenty three years since his last top 20 single as JC pointed out. This one is thirty years old FFS but to these ears still sounds as good as ever.
One of the great voices who never really got the recognition he deserved

Marc Almond - Stories of Johnny

Marc Almond - Blond Boy


  1. Point made, CC. I went with Tears Run Rings at JC's place, but I relent. What a voice!

  2. And that great voice keeps turning out brilliant material to these ears!