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Tuesday 17 November 2015

Got The Riot City Blues

Country Girl by the Primals from their Riot City Blues album is  the first song I can remember dancing to with Mrs CC.
It is also the name of a pub in Birmingham near where George used to stay
The whole album is sort of Rolling Stoneseque and a bit of a return to rock'n'roll rather than their dancey stuff and is none the worse for that.
Former Bunnyman Will Sergeant features on the second selected track When the Bomb Drops but I haven't got him down as a junkie liar

Primal Scream - Country Girl

Primal Scream - When The Bomb Drops


  1. I don't remember the Country irl pub

  2. I've looked at the location on G**g*e Maps and STILL don't remember it

  3. In Selly Oak
    1 Raddlebarn Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B29 6HJ

  4. Well, after my search I know the address and location, I just don't remember the pub. But I do think I went there with Jo. I don;t remember going with you....sorry....

  5. All I can say for Primal Scream's Rolling Stones phase is it blows to pieces anything The Stones have attempted since 1981. There's Rock & Roll Panto here! W
    Will Sargent add that little bit extra of psychedelic blues that When The Bomb Drops requires. Stunning really...