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Wednesday 9 September 2015

Trying to Cope

It's time for the man with the traffic cone on his head - the one and only completely bonkers Arch Druid himself Mr Julian H Cope ( not sure where the H comes from given that his middle name is David)

A couple of songs from his 1995 EP Try Try Try the only single released to promote his album from that year 20 Mothers and which somewhat surprisingly reached the dizzy heights of number 24 in the UK Singles chart.
Rooster on drums, Moon-Eye on guitars and Thighpaulsandra on synthesisizers and piano.

As mad as a box of frogs - but in a good way

Julian Cope - Try Try Try

Julian Cope - Baby, Let's Play Vet


  1. I've got that Try Try Try EP, on a peculiarly coloured-vinyl, sort of pukey green

  2. I always assumed the H was a play on Jesus H Christ. I like a bit of Copey.
    Swiss Adam