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Wednesday 23 September 2015

It's Drew's Fault - Yeah So

It was Drew who first brought Slowclub's Complete Surrender, surely the album on 2014, to my attention.
What a fantastic album it is.
Therefore when I came across their  2009 debut Yeah So  on Moshi Moshi records going cheap I thought I would give it a bash.
It is ok but certainly not in the same league as Complete Surrender
It falls just short of being twee
Here the Sheffield pairing of Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor are described as a folk duo.I've even seen a comparison to the White Stripes but I don't see it myself.
By the time of Complete Surrender however as someone has previously mentioned (probably Drew) Rebecca had discovered that she has a voice and what a voice it is.

You will all have Complete Surrender so here are a couple from the debut album

Slowclub - When I Go

Slowclub - There is No Good Way to Say I'm Leaving You


  1. check out the middle album Paradise, as you would suspect it's a sort of bridge between the first and third

  2. Any boy/girl duo of the last 10-15 years have been compared to the White Stripes. This is more like Donny & Marie Osmond.....

  3. Saw them at the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield a couple of months. Never heard of them before but was very impressed.