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Tuesday 15 September 2015

Phair Enough

Liz Phair is an artist whom I don't know very much about.
My interest was slightly  piqued when I featured Big Tall Man from her 1998 album Whitechocolatespace egg last July on my Saturday Lucky Dip slot.
It was re-piqued  the other day when I came across Juvenilia for 49p in my local charity shop.
From 1995 it is an 8 track EP but is essentially a vehicle for the song Jealousy from her 1994 album Whip- Smart.
It also contains her cover of The Vapors classic Turning Japanese.
Tracks 4 to 8 are from her Girlysound tapes with relatively poor sound quality, plenty of swearing and a fascination around the sex lives of cows and are probably best avoided. Here are tracks 1 to 3.

Liz Phair - Jealousy

Liz Phair -Turning Japanese

Liz Phair - Animal Girl


  1. Man, that first album was huge! Exile in Guyville felt like a breath of fresh air. Lo-fi and lots to say. After that, the drop in quality was slow but steady. By the self-titled album in 2003 she had become an absolute embarrassment.

    1. Heard some good things about Exile.Must check it out