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Thursday, 17 September 2015

A Wise Old Owl

It's time for some more music from Paisley's finest, and former pupil from the same school as Mrs CC (although a good few years before!), the late great Mr Gerry Rafferty.
A couple of tracks from his 1979 album Night Owl the follow up to the phenomenally successful City to City.
Proving once more, as if you need to be reminded, that there is far more to his music than the ubiquitous Baker Street.
Artwork as ever by fellow Paisley buddie John Byrne.
The album was recorded in Chipping Norton Studios.
Richard Thompson, Linda Thompson, Pete Wingfield and Barbara Dickson all make an appearance but I am not sure that they constitute the odious self serving Chipping Norton Set

Gerry Rafferty - Take the Money and Run

Gerry Rafferty - Night Owl


  1. Not an album in this house,CC, but the track Night Owl is a great pop song, his vocal seems superbly suited to the music. Quality.

  2. This album was in every one of my parents friends record collection along with Rumours if I remember correctly and hence I have never ever knowingly listened to it.

    1. It is way better than Rumours Drew - which wouldn't! Be difficult

    2. Whoa! That's rash. I like Night Owl, it's a fine album but c'mon, sometimes, you just have to hold your hands up and acknowledge that Rumours is one of the greats. N.B. I say this as an 'outsider' and not one of your 4 CDs a year buyer sops.

    3. Sorry, me again. Meant also to say one of Gerry's earlier songs is an all time fave of mine, the touching Mary Skeffington - it's about his mum

    4. Good to hear from you Verity.We'll agree to disagree about Rumours but good call re Mary Skeffington