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Tuesday 8 September 2015

The Mona Lisa's Sister

A solo Graham Parker album for you today  - The Mona Lisa's Sister from 1988 on Demon Records.
Although a solo album there is still a pretty strong Rumour connection given that Brinsley Schwarz is part of the band and also co-produces with Mr Parker. Oh and Andrew Bodnar also plays bass.
 James Halliwell on keyboards and Terry Williams on drums make up the band although.Pete Thomas from the Attractions also pops up on drums on a couple of songs.

He has one of the great British Soul voices as demonstrated on these two tracks his own The Girl Isn't Ready and a very credible cover of Sam Cooke's Cupid

Graham Parker - The Girl Isn't Ready

Graham Parker - Cupid


  1. I was a little afraid to click on Cupid as it is one of my all-time favorites.... but not bad at all. I'm not that familiar with late '80s Parker, but I always like his work. Will be picking up this one. I have to say that is one of the most beautiful album covers I have seen in a while too.

  2. Brian - I had the same initial fears about posting Cupid and gave it a couple of spins before finally going for it. He later relocated to Chicago and appeared on Bloodshot. 2004's Your Country is perhaps an even better album than TML'sS