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Sunday 6 September 2015

Some Sunday Soul

It's off to Memphis, Tennessee today and to 2445 Chelsea Avenue to be precise to visit our old friends at Goldwax Records.
The Goldwax Story Volume 1 provides the highlights and magical moments from this deeply revered 60's soul label.
A number of their more famous artists on  the label  including the mighty James Carr, O.V. Wright, Spencer Wiggins and The Ovations have featured before on my Southern Soul Sunday series.
Barbara Perry  only ever produced one single on Goldwax  with the ballad Unlovable with Say You Need It on the other side (Goldwax 318 - 1967)
Percy Milem was slightly more prolific and here he features with Call on Me a song written by George Jackson ( Goldwax 315 - 1966)

More soul next Sunday

Barbara Perry - Unlovable

Percy Milem - Call On Me


  1. An album we should all own??

  2. Not that keen on Barbara Perry's vocal the other track is very very good.

  3. There’s a distinct lack of Goldwax in my collection and I really should put that right.