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Friday 18 September 2015

Neil Young - Big in Iowa

This blog sometimes has a mind of it's own.
Without consciously trying the last three Friday's have seen songs with a Country twang about them.
So we might as well go for four in a row.

Big in Iowa are not actually from Iowa but from Hamilton, Ohio (as opposed to Hamilton, South Lanarkshire).
They have a song called Hamiltucky Honky Tonk Hero the title of which probably sums them up better than I ever could.
Like many Americana bands they found a spiritual home courtesy of the great German record label Blue Rose.
They are, I suspect, also big Neil Young fans given their  faithful cover of Cinnamon Girl (Blue Rose Collection Vol 5) and their observation that Neil's on the Radio (Blue Rose Collection Vol 7 -disc1)
And just to prove there is more to them than a love of Neil here is Shame Shame Shame  (Blue Rose Collection Vol 7 -disc2)

Big in Iowa - Cinnamon Girl

Big in Iowa - Neil's on the Radio

Big in Iowa - Shame, Shame, Shame


  1. Splendid cover of Cinnamon Girl, and Neil's On The Radio is not bad at all. Isn't Shame Shame Shame the Jimmy Reed song?

  2. by the way, today's music: not shite!