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Friday 5 November 2021

The Unraveling


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 78 -Drive-By Truckers - The Unraveling

I was a big fan of the Drive- By Truckers from 2001's Southern Rock Opera onwards seeing them live at King Tuts on a few occassions. However by around 2010 with Jason Isbel having left and the bank veering towards a harder rock sound with a change of label from New West to ATO  I  had slowly drifted away.

I got back on board with the release of The Unraveling their 12th studio album from 2020 on  ATO which to me seemed to be a return to form.
Patterson Hood is angry - angry with the state of America writing 21st Century USA, tanks rolling through the streets of Washington DC as our utopian dreams give way to a dystopian now. Nearly a generation since the towers fell and the shit came down. William Gibson's dark visions have come to pass, everyone is connected and more disconnected than ever. Our children have lock-down drills.
The embarassment and anger with the warped policies of the Trump administration is not helping either.

Hood manages to vent his anger on this powerful record and hopefully it was cathartic.In years to come we will look back and shake our heads.

I already had this on vinyl but was not about to pass up the opportunity to pick up a CD copy for 25p


  1. This is the one Drive-By Truckers in my collection

    1. Six at this end.
      Southern Rock Opera, Decoration Day and The Dirty South all recommended

  2. Are you serious? 25p!

    Now you're just rubbing salt in the wound.

    Come down to Yorkshire and look at our charity shops. Prepare yourself for a month of posts on Steps, Toploader and Daniel O'Donnell.

    1. Ditto South Yorkshire....well, Sheffield at least. So many shelves of underwhelming dross and schlock save the studenty areas where quality standards are a little higher.