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Wednesday 24 November 2021



2021 Charity Shop Purchases 90 - Josh Rouse - Subtitulo

I don't have nearly enough Josh Rouse albums as I should. Indeed, up until now I only had  1972 and a burn of Country Mouse, City House. It looks as though he has released about a dozen or so albums so plenty more to track down.

Subtitulo from 2006 is his 6th studio album and his first on Nettwerk Records. As I'm sure George could tell you Subtitulo is the Portuguese for Subtitle although some of you may have worked that out all be your self. Not sure why he is using Poruguese when his wife is Spanish and he has lived there on and off.

Marc Hogan on Pitchfork is not that impressed making comparisons with Jack Johnson and Travis and that he is stuck with a Ryan Adams whine. I'm not having that. I'll go with Tim Sendra on AllMusic who describes it as a warm and relaxed affair and as laid-back and blissed-out 

The accompanying female vocalist on The Man Who .. is his wife Paz Suay

The final instalment in the Oxfam 3 for £2 pound package.

Josh Rouse - Quiet Town

Josh Rouse - The Man Who..


  1. I'm with you and Tim. Apart from the ones you've got I would recommend 'Nashville' and 'The Happiness Waltz'

  2. 1. For some reason that second song puts me in mind of John Denver. Maybe it's the whistling. Not that I know if Mr Denver is (was?) a whistler. I need to get a grip.
    2. Subtítulo is a Spanish word. And Portuguese

  3. I like what I've heard of Josh Rouse, but haven't got round to sampling his albums. Thanks for the album recommendations, CC & Ernie, I'll start with those 4. I am intrigued by The Mediterranean Gardener by ISLA, his collaboration with wife Paz Suay, released earlier this year. Bit of a departure into electronica, not sure on a few listens via Bandcamp if I actually like it or not.