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Thursday 18 November 2021


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 86 - Birdy - Birdy

Birdy was a random selection by Mrs CC in Fort William. It is the debut album from the artist known as Birdy. Her actual name is Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde so you can she why she opted for a shorter title.

From 2001 it was released by Atlantic Records to a fair degree of hype. Somewhat unusually for a debut album it is primarily an album of covers with only one original song. It received mixed reviews. despite it earning platinum status six times over in Australia

AllMusic's Jon O'Brien wrote that "this stripped-back collection of lesser-known hits and album tracks reads like a who's who of lo-fi hipster indie rock" while Nick Levine from the BBC said that the album was a  "clever covers set... which points to a great future" for the singer.

The negative comments are quite amusing and quite brutal in places and I'm afraid that I am firmly in this camp

Caroline Sullivan in the Guardian found the album pleasant but pointless while Chris Conaton from Pop Matters said that  her appeal may depend on how much enjoy desperate, aching piano ballads, because there are a lot of them here (Adele anyone?)

Duncan Gillespie of the NME pulls no punches describing it as an album of wet-indie covers. Jody Rosin from Rolling Stone goes one step further describing the album as the most boring music ever recorded by a teenager

The two tracks below were the first two singles from the album and are covers of song by Bon Iver and The xx

A paragon of blandness.This one is going back.

Birdy - Skinny Love

Birdy -Shelter



  1. It surely can't be as bad as you are making out.........

  2. .......nonsense. One for your growing collection of bird-scarers

  3. Sadly I think the best thing about Birdy is her name.

  4. I was going to say that Birdy song is awful, but then you posted two, so I thought better of it.

    1. I think I'd rather listen to The Birdy Song that these Birdy songs again...

  5. I think I owned this for about a week.