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Monday, 15 November 2021

Northern Flyway


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 83 - Northern Flyway

This one is a bit strange and a bit niche.My last purchase from Beauly and bought primarily because I recognised the name Inge Thomson who is the quirky percussionist who plays with Karine Polwart.

It is probably easier if I let the Hudson Records website tell the story:

Humans have always looked to the birds. In mythology, they are carriers of souls, messengers to the gods, our familiars. In ecology, they are our measure, our meter, they mark the seasons…

In 2017 Jenny Sturgeon (Salt House, Jenny Sturgeon Trio) and Inge Thomson (Karine Polwart Trio, Da Fishing Hands) wrote and created Northern Flyway– an audio-visual production exploring the ecology, folklore, symbolism and mythology of birds and birdsong. Northern Flyway premiered to a sold-out audience at The Barn (Banchory) in January 2018 and a CD of the songs was recorded at Mareel, Shetland, over four days in early February 2018.

The music draws on the extensive field recordings of birdsong expert Magnus Robb, Sturgeon͛s background as a bird biologist and Thomson͛s home turf of Fair Isle, Shetland. The songs combine vocal and instrumental composition, interviews, sonic experimentation and lush and varied bird song from the northern hemisphere. Themes of human and avian migration, the seasons͛ cycle and humanity͛s relationship with nature resonate through this multi-dimensional work. Alongside Jenny and Inge, Northern Flyway also features singer/multi-instrumentalist Sarah Hayes (Admiral Fallow, Rachel Newton Band) and vocal sculptor/beatboxer Jason Singh (Follow the Fleet, Tweet Music).

Warts and all Ernie warts and all

Northern Flyway - Lost Lapwing

Northern Flyway - Loch Carron Flame


  1. I am really looking forward to listening to these two after that description

  2. Neither will be appearing on Volume 187