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Saturday, 13 November 2021

Seen at King Tuts - Bap Kennedy/Peter Bruntnell


Bab Kennedy/Peter Bruntnell

Friday 5th May 2000             £7.00                       Ticket No 00022

Bap Kennedy was an artist who only very briefly crossed my radar. From Northern Ireland he was christened Martin Kennedy acquiring the nickname Bab as his family lived near Kennedy's bakers in Belfast .
He was in the band Energy Orchard from 1987 -96 a name I recognise but have no music by. He then embarked on a solo career.
The band had supported Steve Earle and when they split up he was contacted by Steve who later described him as the best songwriter he ever heard. His first solo album 1998's Domestic Blues was produced by Twang Trust (Steve Earle & Ray Kennedy) and appeared on Earle's E-Squared label. 
I suspect that the Steve Earle connection was what brought him to my attention .I do not have the album though and only have one song by him Lonely Street which is pretty good.
Sadly he died from cancer in 2016 aged just 54.

I know a wee bit more about Peter Bruntnell an artist I've seen a few times either as a solo artist or as a guitarist with another band , maybe Son Volt who he has supported and guested with.
The first two tracks of his  featured below are from two of the consistently brilliant Loose compilation. I had forgotten about him until George brought his 2019 album King of Madrid to my attention.
He is currently touring the UK.