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Sunday 28 November 2021

No Depression# 42 - Johnny Cash


No Depression - The Bi-monthly Journal of Alt- Country
#42  November to December  2002

Country Royalty this week in the shape of Johnny Cash who  also became Alt- Country Royalty from 1994 due to his American Recording series with producer Rick Rubin.
To me there are three critical peaks in his long and illustrious career - the late 50s Sun Sessions , the Folsom and San Quinten Prison albums from the late 60s and the American Recordings series.

The article focusses on an interview with him at the Carter Family's Fold  in Scott County on the Virginia/Tennessee border.. He is working on June Carter Cash's forthcoming album.Sadly the album Wildwood Flower was released on Dualtone in September 2003 four months after her death and only a few days before Johnny's death at the age of 71

It also covers the November 2002 release of American IV- The Man Comes Around the last one released in his lifetime and the one which contains the poignant version of Hurt.
It also includes covers of Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water and The Eagles' Desperado. The covers don't come close to these takes on two of his own songs.The first is quite possibly the best song in the six album series.

I've gone for Kim Richey for this week's One from the Top with the article concentrating on her 2002 release Rise on  the Americana favourite Lost Highway label.


  1. FOUR splendid tracks today, to go with three good ones yesterday.

  2. You're dead right - The Man Comes Around is the best track across all the American Recordings, but a few others do run it pretty close!

  3. Jez is still setting up his new pad it seems so no Sunday Morning Coming Down songs from him at the moment. These songs more than make up for it and fits my foray into country myself this weekend. Love the voice of Johnny Cash.