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Thursday 11 November 2021

Bad Company


2021 Charity Shop Purchases 81 - Bad Company - Bad Company

The second crackly vinyl purchase from Dingwall (in addition to Herman's Hermits) was the self-titled debut alum from 1974 by Bad Company on the UK and Swan  in the US
Variously described as hard rock or blues rock. I prefer the later.As most of you will be aware they were something of a rock  super group comprising of two former members of Free namely Paul Rogers on vocals and Simon Kirke on drums alongside ex King Crimson bassist Boz Burrell and ex Mott the Hoople guitarist Mick Ralph.
In keeping with the supergroup connection in addition to recoding on Swan they were managed by Led Zeppelin's manager Peter Grant (not the same Peter Grant who has just been sacked as the manager of Dunfermline Athletic FC).

They are the kind of band that I woud imagine going down well in Dingwall .Indeed  the big single from the album Can't Get Enough of  Your Love (number 15 in the UK and number 1 on Cashbox and number 5 on Billboard in the US) probably still features on the Wimpy Bar jukebox..

The album spent 25 weeks in the uk charts peaking at number 3. It may well be the only album that I  have that features in Kerrang!'s 100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time (number 40)

I shall await the brickbats.


  1. You've posted a lot lot worse than Bad Company

    1. you've posted a lot lot better too. A lot lot lot lot lot lot lot better. (Not Herman's Hermits though)

  2. They were OK, but they were no Herman's Hermits


  4. Ha!
    Great song I'd forgotten how good that was.Must dig out the album and give it a listen.

  5. Feel Like Making Love is another great Bad Company track you could have imagined Free putting out