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Saturday 6 November 2021

Seen at King Tuts - Robbie Fulks


Robbie Fulks

Sunday 21st April  2002             £7.50       Ticket Number 00007

I'm not sure if this was the only time that I saw Robbie Fulks. I'm pretty sure that I have seen him on at least one more occassion but I can't remember where or when. I can remember  though that I was pretty excited about this one as the ticket number would suggest.

This one is fairly special in that it is the only concert that I have on a bootleg if you exclude a couple of the official Bob Dylan ones.Again I'm not sure how I acquired it. It could have been via a guy who used to record concerts on a mini disc player leading to us nicknaming him Minidischeid. More likely it was from my good pal Harry (who probably got it from Minidischeid!)

18 tracks up to and including 2001's 13 Hillbilly Giants which he was promoting at the time. My claim to fame is that I can be heard shouting Taxi in response to a heckler!

If anyone wishes a copy drop my an e-mail at the address on the sidebar. It is of a fairly reasonable standard as these three of my favourite tracks demonstrate

I've moved the ticket from the ticket time to the CD jewel box.

Robbie Fulks - She Took a Lot of Pills and Died (King Tuts 21-04-02)

Robbie Fulks -Papa Was a Steel Headed Man (King Tuts 21-04-02)

Robbie Fulks - Parallel Bars (King Tuts 21-04-02)


  1. I've been lucky enough to see the great man several times but unlike you have no recorded proof. Last time was 6/7 years ago when he shared the tiny stage of the late lamented 12 Bar Blub with Jon Langford. That was a good night.

  2. Being born in Illinois and having lived in his hometown of Chicago two different times in my adult life, I have seen Robbie quite a few times. As we have argued in the past, I’m even okay with what is considered his worst album. Sorry I’m bringing it up again, though, as we are bound to end going at it. Seeing him in the intimate confines of King Tut’s must have been a real treat.