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Tuesday, 9 November 2021



2021 Charity Shop Purchases 80 - Mia Sheard - Reptilian

The final instalment in the epic Dingwall four for a pound. The firsr three were absolute no brainers. Thereafter I got a bit stuck as most, if not all, of the others on the shelves were the usual total drivel.
Finally it boiled down to a straight choice between an album and a single from acts I had never heard of. Naturally I went for the album.
Reptilian is a 1999 album by Canadian singer-songwriter Mia Sheard on the Missing in Action label. It is second of the four albums that she has released . She is now a practising Psychotherapist in Toronto.

I must admit I was a bit uncertain after the first listen. It is a bit intense for my taste.Mrs CC liked it making a comparison to Julia Fordham. It seems that she is not alone. Jennifer Jones from Allmusic who states that Mia explores deep subject matter while keeping the music hauntingly beautiful, sometimes creating a surprising contrast on upbeat tunes.

She goes further adding she makes each song her own with her stunning vocal capabilities and by pouring herself out for the listeners to relate to. Her sometimes powerful and sometimes understated vocals tell a story of where she has been and experience gained, also spinning tales of human nature.

I must admit that after a second listen that I am still not totally convinced although I am now inclined to jettison it just yet without a further listen.Indeed  as Jennifer suggests this album might not be immediately accessible for most listeners, but the time taken to fully digest this album will not be in vain. We'll see.

Mia Sheard - The Tortoise and the Heiress

Mia Sheard - I Want


  1. punt it on to the Mrs CC section of the shelves

  2. Good to know Mia has worked through her issues and is now helping others deal with theirs

  3. Was OK with TTatH for the first couple of minutes but then there were a few too many time changes and I lost interest. Sorry Mia.