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Monday 11 October 2021

What's It All About?


On the second week of our holidays we found ourselves staying near the lovely village of Beauly. Given it's close proximity to Inverness it seemed silly not to take the opportunity to meet up with Alyson of What's it All About? fame.

As you can see  from the link Alyson has already posted about our meeting and many of you have commented positively about it. It was great to catch up with another blogger and we had a lovely lunch with Mrs CC and Mr WIAA.

Even if you have never met with a fellow blogger chances are that if you have been reading their blog for a while you will know a great deal about them. This was certainly the case here and meant that there was none of the social awkwardness that you sometimes get when meeting someone for the first time.The four of us chatted away for ages and some of your ears may well have been burning when we got round to discussing your blogs!

I took along Absolutely by Madness which I bought in a charity shop  in Kingussie for means of identification (and Alyson had her sign!) but we worked it out fairly quickly.

Alyson posted Return of the Los Palmas 7 which is the highlight of the album so here is Baggy Trousers instead.I was somewhat jealous that she has seen them not once,but twice. I would imagine that it would be a great night out.
The picture is our attempt at a Swedey McSwedeface but as Alyson pointed out it is a bit more problematic when two folk are involved!

It was great to put a face to a name and hopefully as things slowly pick up there can be more, and hopefully bigger, get togethers with members of our wonderful little community.


  1. Very clever song choices. Thanks for sharing the Rumer version of Alfie.

    Yes it was great to meet up in person, and like you, I hope there can be more get togethers with the wider community as things open.

    The Swedey doesn’t really work with one album does it! In this one I also seem to be shouting across to Mr WIAA, “Don’t take it yet, I’m not ready”. Oops too late.

  2. Here's to some kind of bigger bloggers' gathering in the future.

  3. Exactly the sort of heart-warming news story we need in these difficult times.

    Excellent coat, Alyson!

  4. This is so lovely and as Ernie says, especially heartwarming right now.
    Great photo - you are clearly both eternally youthful as the pic puts me in mind of a pair of excited children proudly holding up a new toy, very sweet!

  5. You look like you're fighting over that album in that picture!

  6. Looks like a great day was had by all:)

  7. A brilliant, uplifting story and lovely to see you both bonding over Absolutely by Madness! And thanks for posting the Rumer song, a wonderful cover version. Every time I hear her voice, I immediately why I haven't got any of Rumer's albums... then promptly forget to buy one. This has become something of a cycle over the years!

  8. Now that's a lovely warming story to gladden the heart - and in the process to introduce me to Alyson's blog which I hadn't been aware of before. A new addition to my Friday night blog trawl.