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Saturday 23 October 2021

Seen at King Tuts:Urban Species


Urban Species

Wednesday 23rd February 1994                   £5.00                  Ticket No  00040      

A slight change from the usual stuff that I go to see this week.

Urban Species are/were a British hip-hop band from Tottenham who drew on a wide range of diverse influences (regga,blues,funk, dub,etc) and who were sometimes described as a British eqivalent of Arrested Development.

I heard a song on the radio (probably one of the ones featured below)  with a reference that they were playing at Tuts later in the week. So off I went. It was a solo mission with a few beers being consumed. I have no memory of support act  Honky but the main act were very good indeed and the place was totally jumping.

Urban Species were rapper Mintos (Peter Akinrinlola), beats man DJ Renegade (Winston Small) and another rapper Dr Slim (Rodney Green).

On the back of the show I purchased their debut album Listen on the Talkin' Loud label. I thought I may have featured it here before but apparently not. It is not a bad album but it is not one that I play all that often, if at all. They have released only one further album namely Blanket in 1998.

It was just one of those terrific shows you get every now and again with anything the band recorded not coming remotely close to matching it. I can think of another example which I will include in this series if I still have the ticket.

Urban Species -Just a Matter of Time

Urban Species - Listen

Urban Species -The Consequence

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