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Thursday, 14 October 2021

The Distance


 Charity Shop Purchases 64 - Cake - The Distance - (CD Single)

The only other successful Charity Shop foray during our first week away was  in the pleasant Cairngorms village of Kingussie.
There is a community bookshop on one side of the street where the CDs are with the records being in the community shop on the other side of the road - go figure. The community shop also gives away free vegetables and other food which is a nice touch.

There is only one CD by Cake on the shelves namely Prolonging the Magic their 3rd album from 1998.It has now been joined, albeit in a different section on the other side of the room, by The Distance the second single from their second album 1996's Fashion Nugget on the Capricorn label

From Sacramento, California they have always struck me as being a wee bit quirky and not unlike They Might Be Giants. Alright in small doses. I was quite surprised when I listened to it that I was familiar with the title track. I've also got a download of Jolene, although not a live version. Not to be confused with the Dolly Parton classic

Cake -The Distance

Cake -Multiply the Heartaches

Cake - Jolene (live)

Cake - It's Coming Down


  1. I have a great fondness for this band.

  2. I've got The Distance on 7", it struck a chord with me when it came out. Don't own anything else by them.

  3. Like Rol, I'm a big fan of CAKE too. A wee bit quirky? Mmmm I kind of know what you mean and I'd agree with you if you were describing TMBG but I think CAKE have something a bit more substantial going for them than that. Love all the tracks you posted esp the live version of Jolene the lyrics of which actually channel their cover version of Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town.

  4. One more thing...always wished they'd used the lyric "Subtract One Love And Multiple The Heartaches" as the full title of the track and it could then have been added it to that gloriously long list of maudlin country song titles