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Monday, 25 October 2021

Wait Til I Get You Home


 2021 Charity Shop Purchases 71 - Amy Rigby - Wait Til I Get You Home (CD Single)

Something rather pleasant today to help ease you into the week.

From 1999 on KOCH Records this is a  promotional single of the track Wait Til I Get You Home taken from Amy Rigby's 2000 album  The Sugar Tree.
Amy started out playing with a number of New York bands including Last Round Up and The Shams before embarking on a solo career which has  yielded nine critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful albums.

Somewhere along the line she became Mrs Wreckless Eric performing with and marrying the great man and releasing a further three albums in the process.She has also written a couple of  books and  has an on line Diary of Amy Rigby which is highly entertaining.

A few weeks ago I mooted the possibily of a series of songs by artists called Amy. I haven't forgotten about it and will probably get round to it once the holiday purchases are exhausted.


  1. Been lucky enough to her play live a few times with/ without husband. Her last album "The Old Guys" is a cracker

  2. Laura Cantrell does a cover of one her songs, you've got it (Don't break this heart that needs you)

  3. You definitely have a better quality of charity shops north of the border.

  4. Now it makes sense - I see her blog on the sidebars and have enjoyed her posts but it didn't click that Eric was Wreckless Eric. I remember the tour he did with Rachel Sweet and Lene Lovich.

    I will enjoy these songs.

  5. Had an Amy Rigby/Wreckless Eric CD which I quite liked but sent to charity after keeping a few tracks. Saw Amy interviewed on a YT clip, liked what I saw of her and added her albums to my wants list (still unfilled). Love the lustrous Laura Cantrell's Don't Break The Heart which I'd no idea was an Amy track. My interest is now piqued further!