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Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Imperial Wax


Recently I was listening to Long Division:New Addition Vol 1 which is a compilation album of songs by artists who performed at the Long Division Festival in Wakefield in 2019.

It came my way in a bundle from Last Night From Glasgow. One of their stable Broken Chanter appears on the record. The only other act whose name I recognised was Alessi's Arc.

However the song which jumped out and grabbed me was No Man's Land by Imperial Wax. which is an absolutely splendid racket I went on line to investigate them further and found something rather interesting:

Imperial Wax comprise of the last and longest serving members of The Fall.

Formed in 2018 – Dave Spurr, Keiron Melling and Pete Greenway joined forces with singer and guitarist Sam Curran to forge a unique sound infusing garage punk, krautrock, rockabilly, post punk and more.

The debut album Gastwerk Saboteurs was released in May 2019 and was positively received – as were the singles ‘No Mans Land’ and ‘Art Of Projection ‘

Interesting to me at any rate although I'm sure that some of you are already aware of this

As an added bonus I'm throwing in another some called No Man's Land which many of you will be familiar with.

Imperial Wax - No Man's Land

Eric Bogle - No Man's Land

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  1. Hadn't heard Eric Bogle's version (he wrote it I Know)- I knew it through The Men They Couldn't Hang who I dallied with for a while in the 80s and who recorded it as The Green Fields of France. Apparently it's also known as Willie McBride! The worst thing you can do when checking stuff like this out is to consult Wikipedia as it always over complicates things.........such as that No Man's Land's melody and theme ties in with the American cowboy song Streets Of Laredo which in turn can be traced back to an C18th English ballad as well as an Irish Ballad called Lock Hospital, which has a particular family history meaning for me.............sorry, got carried away there. I knew I should have skipped commenting on this post!