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Friday, 4 September 2020

Grease is the Word


I've had Grease Blast!!! a 2002 CD by The Grease Monkeys on Bronx Cheers Records  for years and have probably only played it twice if that 

I can remember where I bought it after a few beers. It was at King Tuts where they were the support act for someone , possibly Th' Legendary Shack Shakers. I seem to remember that it cost me a fiver. There are two copies on sale from discogs from £7.99 so it looks as though I got myself a bargain.

They were a Glasgow band and the line up appears to be

Jane (guitar, vocals, harmonica), Jim (bass, vocals), Gordon (drums), Gogo (guitar), Martyn (guitar)

Oher that that I know no more other than it is slightly better than I thought it would be

Grease is the word

The Grease Monkeys -Shoot 'Em in the Back

The Grease Monkeys - I'm a Non- Believer

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  1. I'm slightly put off by the label. Bronx Cheer? Really?